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Good news, comrades, a new album is in the works, and let me tell you, will it ever swing!  Old school big band era tunes done in more intimte arrangements, all by me.  These tunes feature Mike Mink on piano, who is superb. 

Meanwhile, check out the few tunes I have available to listen to on my site here.  The online store is coming, as well, with options to purchase my first album, Colin V. Miller Proudly Presents: Music for Dancing, Vol. 1 on CD or digitally.  If you enjoy my music and can afford it, please purchase the music directly from me, as it helps me out much more than listening on streaming apps or purchasing it from a third party outlet.

That being said, my music  is available from all the major music outlets, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, amazon music, YouTube, and many others.


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Positivity Proclamation
Similar to the Sophistication Situation, this one definitely kicks it up a notch for the bridge!

Tritplets and Tritones

A traditional jazz ballad with a twist!  Features vibes and pianist Mike Mink.

Sophistication Situation
Jazz fusion or electronica?  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy.  The synth sound is me through a fuzz, delay, and reverb.

  • 01 Sophistication Situation3:59
  • 02 Positivity Proclamation3:16

Welcome, all, if you're reading this, then it seems as though you got my letter! This website is designed to give you access to anything musical that I do. On here you will find a bio, contact info, free access to clips of my music, and an online store that will be updated as new content is created.